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A Family In Your Living Room.

Having a Tulikivi fireplace in your home is like living with the perfect family member:

Clean, Efficient, Elegant, but most importantly, Comfortable to be around.


The magic of having a heat-retaining Tulikivi fireplace is based on the excellent thermal conductivity and the heat retaining properties of the soapstone.


The soapstone is warm, but not dangerously hot, so it is very safe for all your family. They can be put in any room of your choosing but it can also be the primary heat source for your home as well!


They are easy to install and clean and no special type of wood is needed to use. Logs should be 12" to 16" long and a maximum of 4 inches in diameter.

Radiant Heat


The soft radiant heat of a Tulikivi fireplace spreads evenly through a whole room and gently caresses people and objects in its warmth.

The room temperature does not need to be high, so that air remains fresh and easy to breathe.

The Benefit of having a Tulikivi Fireplace:


  • An Alternative to heating with firewood

  • Heating during off-peak rate hours

  • Provides basic heating

  • Ensures draught in extreme conditions

  • Dust-free heating

  • Replaces electric radiators

  • Heating elements are very durable.

Efficient and Safe


With remarkably small amounts of wood burning, your Tulikivi fireplace will deliver 24 hours a day. One sustained "burn" (1 1/2 hours) will "charge" the mass of the soapstone and provide heat day and night without a fire burning. The greatest majority of the heat is delivered when the fire is long out.

Comfortable Humidity Levels


The relatively low temperatures will allow comfortable humidity levels to be maintained.


Unlike traditional fireplaces (which pull warm air up in a chimney) or steel burning wood burning stoves (which are not hot enough to "sizzle" the humidity out of your outside air), Tulikivi's rely on a tremendous amount of heat rather than high temperatures to maintain warmth.



The innovative Tulikivi Green technology optimizes the heat and uses it efficiently, leaving behind nothing more than lower electricity bills.


The unique Tulikivi soapstone fireplace provides clean combustion that boasts emissions levels below regulations, its use can offset the carbon footprint, and fueled by a renewable energy source makes it a green heating alternative. The radiant heat provided by a Tulikivi is more energy-efficient than the convection heat of a traditional wood burner. Two natural resources, soapstone and wood bring natural warmth to life.

The Warm Heart of Your Home
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