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Although Soapstone is an ancient discovery, its popularity is far from waning. Bachmann Natural Fireplaces builds Tulikivi natural stone fireplaces. They are efficient for retaining heat, which they release slowly and evenly, allowing to bask in their glow for an enjoyably long time. We have the most extensive range of fireplaces on the market with models both classic and modern. 


When it comes to fireplace design, natural stone is simply the most elegant, durable, and efficient material around. Natural stone retains heat better than just about anything out there, it’s practically maintenance-free, and it’s incredibly resistant to wear and tear. On top of that, it can handle extremes in temperature and doesn’t suffer from rot and mold like other materials. Whether it’s time to update your old brick fireplace or build something new, natural stone is the greenest choice.

Classic American Line

The Classic Line comprises our most popular models in North America. They come in a style that has become over the last two decades the Tulikivi classic: arched doors and thirty millimetre radius corners. These models have proved to fit in most decors found accross the continent.

Large and impressive, these Bakeovens are effective sources of heat and also excellent for baking and roasting.


Certain models shine as room dividers as one door is oriented towards the living space and the other towards the kitchen.


Modern American Line

The Modern Line takes the very same five models from the Classic Line and dresses them up with contemporary lines and stunning textures. You can now heat your home with a piece of modern art! The heaters are made of soapstone. 

Special Order Models

Special Order models combine features not found in our Classic or Modern Lines. More often than not, these units started as hand-built custom designs. You will find pentagonal models that fit into a corner, hexagonal models with large bay-shaped firebox doors, double-skin models designed for low-energy houses, extra large combination models with massive ovens and a dedicated cookstove. This profusion of models can be a little overwelming but you may very well encounter your dream heater here.

Tulikivi Whirlbox

The Whirlbox design allows Tulikivi fireboxes to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize emissions.

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